Saturday 24 November 2012

Third person shooter update

  • All weapons have been modelled (high and low poly) and normal maps baked.
  • The Rifle and Alien rifle have been fully textured.
  • The other weapons still need diffuse, specular and glow textures.

  • Simulated projectile physics (drop off, speed) - uses a combination of hit-scan and "real" projectiles.


  • uses a state system to control behaviour (control, idle, attacking, defending, stunned).
  • needs optimising to improve performance further.


  • Characters use hit-boxes to define where they can be hit as well as modifying damage depending on where the hit occurred.
  • some hit-boxes need simplifying to reduce the physics complexity(optimising).


  • Overlay scene is no longer used at all, all functionality included in the main scene.

Video showing all this in action!

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