Wednesday 22 August 2012

Resources Post 3

Kudos to RossBlenderArt for this list of useful resources, it was originally posted by him on the BlenderArtists forums and it's a very good list of bge resources.

Hopefully it will be useful for those learning how the logic/python works in the bge.


Without downloading the .blend (I don't want to sign up, a better .blend hoster is my guess is your armature and you player have physic settings? Here is Monsters guide to character set-up, it should be helpful.

You can change 'mass' in the physics setting for 'lighter' objects.

Logic Bricks series:
*These should teach you a lot of the basics*

Goran Milonavo - Turret Defense series [Teaches you a lot of logic]
MrWilliamSide - My first Blender game [Teaches you all the basics from animation to filters]

Python Series:
Goran Milonavo - Tunnel Runner [Very helpful for Python practice]

Written tutorials / resources:
SolarLunes Game Up! website has helped a lot of members
Tutorials For Blender 3D covers a wide range of things
Blendenzo is supposed to be very helpful but may be out-dated.

If you have questions you can ask here or if you are using nilunders 35+ Python tutorials you could ask there.


There you go!, hopefully a useful set of links, thanks again to RossBlenderArt for compiling it and for allowing me to immortalise it in blog form!

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