Thursday 9 August 2012

Resources Post 2

I have a number of new links for you to look at, they may be helpful for those learning how to use the Blender game engine!

Firstly this Youtuber:

Whilst I've never used his tutorials myself, He has a lot which cover a wide range of topics in regards to the bge, and the presentation is very nice.

If you're learning how to code in python then this is your best friend!
also for more advanced stuff look to the official python api

In the last resource post I had a link to a site which collated blender games, here's another which allows users to upload games:

If you're looking for other blender developers then I cannot recommend blender artists enough:
And also the less frequented but still useful:

Have any sites which I've missed? leave a comment and I'll check them out and put them in the next resource post!

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