Bachelor's Degree, Computer Games Technology, First Class Honours.
University of Portsmouth
2012 - 2016


Physically Based Rendering

A PBR system implemented in the leadwerks game engine. Leadwerks was chosen in order to show proficiency in working with constraints (lack of full documentation, closed source, working within an existing codebase).

Globe Theatre Simulation (VR)

A simulation of the original Globe Theatre, this was a group project built for a client and focused on the crowd in the globe rather than the building. The project dealt with a crowd that could interact with each other and the player as well as performing specific events. I worked as a technical artist and programmer on this project.

Deferred Render(C++, OpenGL)

A small deferred shading application written to better understand the real-time graphics programmable pipeline.

Game Jams: Tome \ Sky

Two small games built in blender for the Blender Game Making Challenges (BGMC), Artwork built in blender, scripted in python.


Research exercise into the theory and implementation of realtime, image based reflections.


A set of tools built to aid with the creation of facial expressions.


high poly Model T Ford, built and rendered using 3dsmax.
Low poly/realtime 3d character, originally created for a personal project.

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